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Ehemalige Mitglieder polizeilicher und militärischer Spezialeinheiten garantieren maximalen Schutz und taktische Qualität.


Wodan Security assistance on the special forces cabin concept for the Bell 525 will be a game changer for our customers in the security and parapublic segment.  Their experience was valuable when designing equipment with the customer in mind.


Business Development Director |  Bell

D-A-CH Region

As a team, we have developed a concept together with Bell engineers to prepare the bell525 helicopter, which was originally developed for the civilian and offshore market, for special operations in police tactics. In addition, our team has experience and background both from the areas of police and military special operations groundforces as well as from the aviation perspective in special operations air. The team was also involved in the procurement and development of military helicopters while in active service and has now brought this experience to the new Bell525 project. We succeeded in developing a concept to integrate paramilitary operations into the civil helicopter. Fastroping and rappelling are the key capabilities. Our focus was on speed, safety for the forces and the preservation of the civilian outer shell as camouflage.

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Team Wodan


28. October 2021

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