Wodan Security

Wodan Security is a global player in the security industry.

Our base is located in North Germany, from where we can reach flexible and quick every continent, thanks to our worldwide network.

We see ourselves first and foremost as a service provider.

Through our decades of experience in the Military and Law Enforcement, we provide services in all related fields.

Ralf Kassner: Founder and CEO | Former GSG9 and SEK

We believe that only years of intensive partnership achieve mutual success and progress.

This is exactly what we can guarantee through our experienced staff, which is formed exclusively by Ex Special Forces of the Military and Police.

With our experience in more than 1000 missions and one of the biggest networks in the world for tactical gear and equipment, we are the perfect partner to train and consult your Military or Law Enforcement Units.

With our experience in more than 1000 missions and one of the biggest networks in the world for tactical gear and equipment , we are the perfect partner to train and consult your Military or Law Enforcement Units.

Company Profile

Area of Expertise

Based on lesson learned from terror attacks in Europe we can offer you the newest small unit tactics up to platoon size training, covering all kinds of terror attack scenarios.

We can provide the latest knowledge and lesson learned regarding sniper and counter sniper training including newest camouflage and concealment regarding IR and thermal threats techniques and equipment.

We can provide training and exercises on a new system for recognition/ advanced work, mission planning, and VR rock drills for SWAT, Army, and Close Protection operations.

As learned on operations around the world drones are a new threat, either as deadly force or used in criminal operations.

We can provide the newest hard/ and software including the training for drone detection, pattering and defeat as it is used on WEF in Davos.

Since the use of deadly force is not the first choices in operations we can provide the new hand to hand combat system training of German Police and Military special forces.

This includes car assault techniques, hostage scenarios, urban warfare, and close protection details.

Since the populations move into urban areas we can provide training including breaching, room clearing, building clearing and urban warfare using the latest tactics and lessoned learned from operations around the world.

We can provide the equipment and training regarding land based drones on track or wheels providing security operations. Equipped with thermal, IR and visual cameras they are able to detect threats, follow and clear.

These ideas are just some possible training solutions.

Through our international operations and experienced German special forces instructors which work for example as head instructors for the US Special Operations Command and various European Agency’s we can tailor various training ideas and exercise to your specific tasks and support you with needed equipment.

We can offer Executive Protection armed or unarmed within Europe, and worldwide (armed depending on local law outside Europe).

We can offer armored vehicles for Executive Protection within Europe including drivers.

We can offer residential security teams.

We can offer various residencies throughout Europe.

We can prepare and operate in various high risk areas on short notice.

We have partners in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Mexico, South Africa, North Africa, South America which allows us to operate within the local regulations in the countries.

Our operations and training include:

Law enforcement training
– Tactics
– Shooting – Planning – Mentoring

Military training
– Tactics
– Shooting – Planning – Mentoring

Close Protection training
– Tactics
– Shooting – Planning – Mentoring – SIA license

Medical training
– Combat Medic – MIRA
– FPoS

– Governments
– Non-Governmental Organizations

– Military/ law Enforcement

– Companies
– Private Clients

– Mission Support
– Close Protection
– Security Operations – Private Military
– Counter Terror
– Hostage negotiation

Shooting Training
– Counter Terror
– Sniper
– Basic / Advanced