Courses and trainings

1. Training

Along side the individual security for Companies, Institutions, and Governmental Agencies, WODAN Security has offered a variety of training related courses for over 4 years.WODAN Security takes great value in the principle of theory and praxis both work well together, despite the fact that the practical training remains in the fore ground.

Geographical training, intensive Seminars for employees in high risk regions and conferences for highly skilled Security personnel of the DAX 30 Companies and private personal Security.

A brief introduction to our training possibilities


  • Specialized Conference Training with a difference, with theories and praxis, realistic training scenarios.
  • Body guard Conference in the Chez Republic. An English speaking workshop with International participants and Instructors, i.e. Instructor Zero, one of the world’s best shooting Instructors. The participants vary from Gov org, DAX 30 and private PS.
  • Team Leader training.

  • Implementation of training in the frame of Gov Security.

  • Planning and Commitment of various scenarios and Maneuvers.

  • Special Tactics and attack scenarios.

  • (CQB, Medic, Shooting, hostage taking)

  • Acclimatization to danger awareness.

  • Tactical individual and Team training.
    Also for SF and Military units: - As in preparation for duty in high risk regions, Special OPS and to improve the overall efficiency.

  • Legal education

  • Professional Self Defense, arrest and search techniques

  • Psychological education/Communication training.

  • Maritime training and education (ISPS, Security awareness)

  • Conduction of realistic deployment scenarios, using, stress, smoke and Pyrotechnics           


Individually designed to fit the needs of your Company, travel destination or event. We offer training and refresher training, which together with you, will be planned and implemented.

Small and medium sized Companies are also our customers, as are large Companies and GOV ORG, i.e. The German Society for International Cooperation




Case study overseas stay in a Crisis area

Security Awareness Training für die Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Security awareness training for the employees of GIZ.

For an overseas deployment in a crisis area, the employees were prepared for the arduous deployment with the necessary training. This assured a greater possibility for Security. They were also introduced to the runbag (


Security national and international

2. Corporate Security

Values and Standards are made to measure for your Company. Encompassed in a Security concept and re assessed as and when required. This overall concept also includes the Operative Security Management, Risk assessment for home and foreign deployment as well as the support for other service providers and Security techniques.


WODAN Security cares for the Security of your employees, Abroad as well as at home. We clear with the use of Background checks, Personnel and Business partners, devise concepts for Data protection, advice and train employees in all aspects of Security and give support in crisis situations such as Kidnapping and Extortion.

  •  Security Concepts for Companies and Individuals.
  • Security for Companies overseas.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Security of projects in high risk areas.
  • Travel Security.
  • Security Training.
  • Investigation and Surveillance.
  • Background Checks.
  • Data Protection.


Employees of a large Company were prepared for a project n Mexico and supported during their stay by us, for us this includes:-

Preparation: Seminars in preparation for the deployment, Focus on Prevention / Danger awareness.

Country specific training: Behavioral training, focus on Stress management, Risk and Danger awareness, Weapon handling, Conduct on kidnapping.

Result: We ensure an all-round security concept and a secure environment for you and your employees. Included in which is the Security management in Crisis areas in situ, the evaluation and compiling of situation reports, the cooperation with foreign agencies, Travel tracking, Route planning, Hotels and Building complexes.

close protection = 100% Trust

3. Private Security

WODAN Security offers Personal Protection Concepts, Individually tailored to the relevant threat to the person and or family, with minimal impact to ones privacy. Years of International experience guarantees the highest level of Security. Some of our customers are:

  • Successful Entrepreneurs.
  • Exposed persons and their families.
  • CEO’s of Companies, Stakeholders.
  • Family Foundation.

Case study Family Protection

Our Protection concept is based on decades of International experience. Thereby Prevention is key, to ensuring the best possible personal Security for the family.

Based upon the weakest spot analysis, we device individual Security training and Security concept. The person requiring protection is then accompanied, physically and mentally, always with discretion and caution, in order that the daily routine of the client is impacted upon as little as possible.

all operators are former sf/sof police and military

4. Operational Measures

As a partner and adviser, we will support you in the planning, preparation and implementation worldwide. Our highly experienced collogues, with special local and linguistic knowledge will be on site for the preparation and implementation of all Security measures. Due to years of service with the Special Forces and worldwide deployments, we have an excellent network of International operatives at our disposal.

  • Acquire complete Security Concepts on site.
  • Personal Protection.
  • Property protection for endangered objects.
  • Critical measures (Recovery/evacuation from hostile regions).
  • Private Security management, Family close protection.
  • Technical and Tactical advice.
  • Project planning.
  • Investigation / Research


Case study Morocco

We developed a Security plan and Emergency plan for the world’s largest Cruise ship Company and implemented it on site.

This ensured the Security of the Cruise guests in Morocco from Seaport to Airport and back to the Ship. To achieve this, WODAN Security also works with local Authorities, Organizations and Services.

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